8 Tipe Linking Words Untuk Writing Task II IELTS

Linking words IELTS writing

Linking Words atau dalam Bahasa Indonesia disebut kata penghubung adalah salah satu aspek penting ketika kamu mengerjakan Writing task II. Menulis dengan baik pada Writing task II akan mendapatkan pertimbangan lebih dari examiner guna meraih skor maksimal. Oleh karena itu, penting buat kamu untuk tahu bagaimana fungsi dari linking words pada IELTS Writing Task II.

Pada artikel sebelumnya saya sudah pernah sertakan jenis-jenis linking word IELTS writing task one. Namun, belum secara detail. Masih membahas secara umum, tidak ada saya cantumkan contoh-contoh penggunaannya. Pada artikel ini semoga bisa menjadi bahan belajar kamu untuk mendalami lagi hal-hal penting dalam writing IELTS task II.

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Sebagai orang yang akan menghadapi ujian ini. Sebaiknya kamu memang harus belajar jenis-jenis linking words. Linking words sangat berpengaruh sekali terhadap penilaian “coherence dan Cohesion” hasil writing kamu. Paragraph tulisan kamu juga terlihat awesome!. Dan kali ini saya mau mengajak kamu mengeksplor lebih jauh tentang Linking Words Writing IELTS Task II.

#1 – Menyampaikan Pendapat (Addressing your opinion)

  1. According to me 
  2. in my view 
  3. To me, 
  4. I Believe 
  5. In my opinion 
  6. I suppose 
  7. I realize 
  8. I image 
  9. I feel 
  10. I think 
Contoh penerapannya dalam tulisan Writing task II:

In my opinion: in my opinion, many of the technologies in Indonesia we take for granted today were originated thanks to space research.

I believe: This is undoubtedly a very good solution but I believe, there are better solutions than that.

I admit: Even though I generally disagree with his views, I have to admit that he may be right this time.

#2- Pernyataan Setuju atau Tidak Setuju (Agree/Disagree)


  1. Agree
  2. concur
  3. Coupled with
  4. Equally Important
  5. Likewise
  6. Moreover
  7. Similarly
  8. As a matter of fact, etc 
  1. In contract
  2. Different from
  3. Unlike
  4. Otherwise
  5. In spite of
  6. Disagree
  7. I cannot accept 
contoh dalam kalimat: 

I agree with the education ministry that students should take a year gap travelling or working before they graduate.

I disagree that increasing the fuel price would be decrease a traffic in Jakarta and Bandung.

I oppose the opinion that people study a college or university only to have a job in future.

#3 - Memberikan contoh (giving Example)
  1. For example 
  2. For instance 
  3. As follows 
  4. That is 
  5. In this case 
  6. Namely 
  7. In other words 
  8. One clear example 
  9. To give example 
For example, at old times people thought that the Earth was flat.

For instance, a person borrowed some money from his or her friend and did not return it

To illustrate, my friend is a supervisor on a dairy mill. It is his family's business so a lot of his relatives work there.

#4 - Mengurutkan point-point (listing point)
  1. Firstly 
  2. Secondly 
  3. Finally 
  4. Lastly 
  5. Finally 
  6. Last but not least 

First, a new construction means more job opportunities.

Second(ly), we do not have to worry about parking, garage, traffic rule violation and fuel cost when we do not own a car.

Finally, if a new university is built in my community there is a big chance that I will be willing to enroll in it.

#5 - Menambahkan Informasi Lebih Detail (Adding Information)

  1. Furthermore 
  2. Likewise 
  3. Additionally 
  4. In fact 
  5. Together with 
  6. In addition 
  7. In this case 
  8. Especially 
  9. In detail 
  10. In particular 

Additionally, computer games are addictive and can waste a large portion of the valuable time of a school-going child.

In addition, studying more now they will give them the opportunity to perfect their knowledge in the future and become better professionals.

Furthermore, I am sure that playing helps them to develop not only their bones and muscles but their ability to make decisions, analyze things, make conclusions, which is very good for their future.

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#6 – Menuliskan Hasil (Result and Consequences)
  1. So 
  2. Therefore 
  3. As a result 
  4. Consequence 
  5. Accordingly 
  6. Consequently 
  7. Because of this/that 
  8. Thus 
  9. Hence 
  10. So that 
  11. For this reason 
  12. Under these circumstances 

Hence, students will be better prepared for the real world and independence life.

Under these circumstances, when they started to spend their time together and share their interests, girl's grades improved.

For this reason, I believe that in a few years people will be able to visit the space just like they go to a museum now.

#7- Menuliskan perbedaan ide yang berlawanan dan Perbandingan (Contrast & Comparison)
  1. Instead 
  2. Conversely 
  3. On the company 
  4. In contrast 
  5. In comparison 
  6. In spite of 
  7. Alternatively 
  8. On the other hand 
  9. However 
  10. Although 
  11. Even though 
  12. But 
  13. Likewise 
  14. Similarly 
  15. In the same way 
On the other hand, owning a car is expensive as it requires parking, fuel, servicing, maintaining and yearly renewal costs.

Alternatively, the government can impose laws to control the market price of most essential commodities.

Likewise, technological advancement creates new job opportunities both in developing and developed countries.

#8 – Menuliskan Kesimpulan (Conclusion)
  1. In conclusion 
  2. To conclude 
  3. In brief 
  4. To summarize 
  5. To sum up 
  6. Overall 
  7. Therefore 
  8. To draw conclusion 
To sum up, I think that I would support the decision of the government of establishing a new university in my community despite a few disadvantages that could follow this construction.

To draw conclusion, I believe that television gives children and all people the opportunity to learn what cannot be learn from books.


Nah, saya ingin menggambarkan kesimpulan dari linking words adalah kata yang digunakan untuk menghubungkan antara ide-ide dan kalimat dari yang kamu tulis di essay Writing task II. Sebagai contoh ketika kamu menuliskan contoh, menambahkan informasi lebih detail, dan memberikan kesimpulan.


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