Singkatan Bahasa Inggris Yang Paling Sering Digunakan Untuk Chatting atau SMS an

Kata-kata gaul dalam bahasa inggris

Artikel ini berupa informal English.

Perhatikan Abbreviations atau singkatan dalam Bahasa Inggris

I am going out tonight = I'm gonna out tonight.

I've got to get home soon = I gotta get home soon.

You are not coming to my party = You ain't coming..

You don't know me = You dunno know me.

I want to see you later = I wanna see you later.

I shan't be there = I shanna be there

I can't go to your party = I canna go to your party

Singkatan GAUL Dalam Bahasa Inggris

? = Please explain

@ = at

2 = to, too

2L8 = too late

2nite = tonight

2U2 = to you too

4 = For

ASL? = Age, Sex, Location?

AYT? = Are you there?

B4 = Before

B/C = Because

BF = Boyfriend

BTW = By the way

C = see

CU= see you

cud = Could

CYA = See you

DIY = Do it yourself

DL or D/L = download

Dnr = dinner

F2F = face to face

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

GGL = Giggle

H&K = Hugs and Kisses

HAND = Have a nice day

IC = I see

J/K, JK = Just Kidding

KISS = Keep it simple, Stupid

L8 = Late

L8R = Later

LOL = Laughing out lout

M8 = Mate

N2M - Not too much

OMG = Oh my god

PLZ = Please

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing

TGIF = Thanks God it's Friday

TX, TNX = Thanks

TYVM = Thank you very much

Tom = Tomorrow

U = you

WTF = What the FUCK

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